The visual map of World Citizen by photographer Gustav Willeit is shaped by a variety of intricate aesthetic patterns, picturing vast land- and cityscapes. With formal precision and balanced compositions, these shots taken in Europe, Africa, the US, and Asia juxtapose the overwhelming scale and eternal balance of the pristine land with extractivist industrial structures and monotonous cityscapes. Aesthetic contemplation is linked to the subtle reflection on the broken network of interspecies life on the planet. The unsustainable system appears as a temporary condition, counterintuitive and harmful to the eternally balanced manifestation of nature.

In collaboration with Uniun di Ladins Val Badia
Text by Nadine Isabelle Henrich
Printed by Tipografia Altedo
ISBN: 9788862087896

Language: English - Ladin
Pages: 160
Images: 87
Binding: Hardcover - 30x24cm
Release EU: April 2023
Release USA: May 2023

Available online at:
Damiani Editore
Istitut Ladin

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