This publication by Gustav Willeit invites the reader to pause and reflect upon the various moments captured by the photographs in this collection, which together encapsulate the uniqueness and charm of the paradise in which we live. It comprises a selection of work from the last ten years and contains 252 photographs.
It is possible to describe in words the beauty of the mountains which surround us, but the effect of an image is far more potent and speaks to everyone with a greater immediacy. The world today offers us the means to transcend cultural and geographical borders with ease and to go in search of new methods of development and consolidation. The right sort of ambition will guide us in furthering our exploration and in exposing the world to the Ladin culture in our efforts to keep up with the rapidly changing times. It will help us to consider with the utmost care both the dangers and the opportunities which the Ladin community will face.
It Is these reflections which are very much present in the work of Gustav Willeit: in one section of the photographs we can perceive an authentic connection with the unesco-protected Ladin region, whilst in the other the images represent a carefully woven dialogue which opens itself up to the exterior world.
The Uniun Ladins Val Badia is concerned with the development of the Ladin consciousness and is devoted primarily to the protection and the advancement of its language and culture, as well as of its customs and traditions. And the region itself is of fundamental importance as the cornerstone of the Ladin world.

Selected Works 2006-2016
Publisher: Uniun Ladins Val Badia
Hardcover - 29,7x24cm
380 pages | 250 images
Languages: LAD, ITA, DEU, ENG
Graphic Design: Studio MiSign
Year: 2016
ISBN 9788888682358

Available online at: Istitut Ladin

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