Uncultivated lands widen the silence inside us. They strip us from what is superfluous and inflate our shielded ego to become aware and be here, now. It is like plunging into truths that are spontaneously revealed. It is the strength of nature that, once free from the tether of the contemporary, reduces everything to the essential. The Musas Valley in Karamoja. The Tepez tribe. The students in the court in Kampala. The hand of the girl that draws grey, dirty water. The cow, the global ball. Water and food as a priority. Education as a privilege. The escape from Tibet on foot. At times, even speaking your own language is a luxury. The glances are deep. From Africa to India. Eyes that do not look down, in spite of the cruelty of those in power. Eyes of Beauty, never tamed, never unconnected. Michil Costa