"Where Once There Was The Sea"

Contemporary art from the Dolomites

Curator: Lisa Trockner

The S├╝dtiroler K├╝nstlerbund (South Tyrolean Artists' Association) shows the exhibition "Dove una volta c'era il mare" in Bodrum and thus manages to expand its network and its horizon.

Following the invitation from the Italian Embassy of Turkey in Ankara to organise an exhibition at CerModern and present South Tyrolean artists, the successful exhibition "Dove una volta c'era il mare" opens the new art venue INSPERA in Bodrum. Eleven artists present the diversity of the South Tyrolean art scene: Julia Bornefeld, Aron Demetz, Arnold Mario Dall'O, Christine Gallmetzer, Wil-ma Kammerer, Hubert Kostner, Sissa Micheli, Robert Pan, Peter Senoner, Barbara Tavella and Gustav Willeit. In various forms of artistic expression such as sculpture, painting, photography and object art, they tell of the formation of the Dolomites and examine the links between the evolutionary development of the habitat and the creative process of creation in art.

Around 20 million years ago, the mountainous landscape of the Italian Alps began to take shape. The former sea receded, rivers carved their paths, and valleys emerged. Mighty forces pushed, pressed, folded, and superimposed former coral reefs, resulting in steep rock formations rising in a rosy mist. Fossils and giant clams bear witness to bygone eras. In their works, the artists reflect the power of resistance, the dynamics of shifts, and the tension of friction. The process of breaking and exposing frozen forms, the shaping of ideas in the continuous interplay of becoming and being, is palpable in the exhibits. A constant duel between the tangible and the unexpected shapes their creative work.

The exhibition will open on 23 January at INSPERA in Bodrum and can be seen until 1 March before the exhibition is shown in Istanbul at the Elgiz Museum.

BODRUM 23.01.2024 - 01.03.2024

ANKARA 05.09.2023 - 01.10.2023